Friday, December 29, 2017

Episode 20 - Merlin and TurboBeam plus Crossfire!

In this episode the guys get a great interview with the creator of Merlin!  Mr. Bob Doyle!  they also discuss one of Arkay's favorite toys he recently recreated using a 3d printer, the TurboBeam!  Norm is back with another great Board Game Museum review of Crossfire!
Time to get into that ole toybox again!

Download Here:

Arkay's Christmas Video
Willie!'s Christmas Video
Halcyon Alien Model
Mattel Handheld Dungeons and Dragons
Basic Fun MiniCades
Mattel He Man Handheld
Netflix Toys that Made Us
Electric Football
Electric Baseball
Worlds Smallest
The Electronic Wizard (online Merlin game)
ArKay's 3d printed Turbobeam car
Bob Doyle's InfoPhilospher page
Stop Thief Game
PopCon Indy

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