Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Episode 14 - Aurora Monster Models and Battleship!

In this episode Arkay talks about a great series of model kits from Aurora!  the classic universal monster series!   We also hear from Norm of the Board Game Museum on Youtube in his new segment on the cast called Norms Board Game corner plus we talk a little about Electronic Battleship.

Download Here:


Compucolor Battleship
Sonar Sub Hunt
Classic Battleship Game at Target
Starship Model Lighting and Electronics Facebook Group
Old Model Kits Webpage
Neptunes Cellar/Ben Franklin store in Amherst WI
Makes Cents Variety Store in Milwaukee WI
Krazy Ikes Toy
Elvira's Monsterama on Aurora Monsters
Aurora Monsters DVD
Life Size Aurora Monster Models
Rat Fink Models
Torpedo Run Game
Pac Man Board Game
The Kennedy's Board Game

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